Inter Shoot mótinu í loftbyssugreinunum sem haldið er árlega í Hollandi hefur verið aflýst 2021. Hérna er tilkynning mótshaldara:

Good afternoon.

I have to bring you sad news.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread cancellations of sporting events.

Knowing that it is not possible to comply with the Corona safety measures during the event at the venue and for the sake of our ahtletes, trainers, coaches, volunteers and other guests health. Also, the future seems uncertain: some European Countries have started to relax their lockdown rules, other Countries they become stricter and might or might not have quarantine rules for in and/or outgoing travellers.

Conclusion is that we have to inform you with great regret that we took the decision to cancel InterShoot 2021.

We hope for better times!

Kind Regards

InterShoot the Netherlands

René van der Weijden